Communities of Clare

The Municipality of the District of Clare has a population of 8018 persons (2016 census) residing in a large coastal and inland area of 852 km2. The municipality consists of 48 communities that are identified in the landscape by colourful blue village signs.

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Likely named after Bangor, Maine, due to their mutual involvement with forestry, this small inland village once had three operating sawmills.

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Once a major shipbuilding and lumbering village, today Belliveau Cove offers a picturesque municipal park, restaurants and art galleries.

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Located near the boundary of the counties of Digby and Yarmouth, the village is named after an indigenous briar plant.

Located inland, near the Digby-Yarmouth County line, this village was named for a cedar grove.

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The village was founded in 1772 by François Doucet and Pierre LeBlanc who arrived with their families on Seraphin Island.

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Located inland, this village connects Church Point and Concession and formerly had a train station. 

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