Sainte-Marie Church

Closed in 2023. Marvel at the largest wooden church in North America!

Completed in 1905, this grand building was built in only two years by master carpenter Leo Melanson, helped by 1,500 parishioners. Its design is inspired by the famous castles of France’s Loire Valley.

From mid-May to October, tour guides present the church’s fascinating history. For example, did you know that the steeple contains 40 tonnes of stone ballast to stabilize it against strong winds, or that the church used to be even taller?

Sainte-Marie Church houses two exhibit rooms displaying artifacts of the region’s rich religious past, such as a reliquary handcrafted by a local Acadian artist, liturgical vestments and objects used to celebrate mass and administer sacraments.

Wheelchair accessible.

Watch this video - filmed and produced in October 2021, as part of the campaign to save the church.

Trip Advisor
Phone: 902-769-2832
Opening Hours: Closed in 2021
Admission: Donation; minimum recommended: $2
Address: 1713 Highway 1, Church Point, Nova Scotia