Follow in the footsteps of one of Canada's most diverse early lumbering settlements, where aristocrats from France intermingled with our Mi'kmaq First Nation, Acadians, descendents of Black and white Loyalists, in a family oriented equitable community. Discover La Nouvelle France, The Electric City!

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Kayak the Mi'kmaq & Acadian historic trading route and discover the beauty of pristine nature on the calm waters of the Meteghan River. Explore islands, lakes, wetlands, and the Meteghan River. Up to 35 km of calm waterways to travel, in all, with portages. No tides or ocean waves to contend with. From the old growth pines, hardwood maples and oaks lining the rivers edge to the lotus flowers that you can reach out and touch in the shallows of the wetlands. The ducks are plentiful and an eagle or blue heron may surprise you. Ideal for both the beginner and advanced kayaker. 

About our Dragonfly Kayaks:

The Pelican SUMMIT 100X is designed to answer the needs of the most demanding recreational paddlers with a capacity of 275 lbs - 125 kg. Built on a Shallow V Chine hull, this sit-in kayak offers good stability and maneuverability while providing very good performance and responsiveness.

The Pelican PURSUIT 80X is a highly functional 7'9" (2,4 m) kayak perfectly scaled down in size to suit smaller paddlers up to 200 lbs - 91 kg. Built on a shallow V chine hull, this sit-in kayak is ideal for those looking for a kayak that provides speed and maneuverability. This means more fun for those really looking to move. 

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