New France - The Electric City

New France - The Electric City

Follow  in the footsteps of one of Canada's most diverse early lumbering settlements, where aristocrats from France intermingled with our Mi'kmaq First Nation, Acadians, descendents of Black and white Loyalists, in a family oriented equitable community. Discover La Nouvelle France, The Electric City!

Join local folks in experiencing one of Canada's most enthralling stories: diverse cultures, races, and religions peacefully and playfully living and working together in The Electric City/ La Nouvelle France, stimulated by the large, colourful, entrepreneural Stehelin family of Gisors, France which moved to the deep forest  in South West Nova Scotia to seek peace and security.

Walk back to 1900, and feel the vibrant, hard-working lives of divers people in an equitable community; experience their passions, excitement, innovations, experiences, and loves in one of Canada's earliest multicultural settlements: The Electric City/La Nouvelle France.

To learn more about this unique history, drop by neighbouring Weymouth.

Electric City Research Centre, 4668 Hwy 1

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Sissiboo Landing VIC, 4575 Hwy 1