902-769-2345 • www.baiesaintemarie.ca Clare Activity Guide 2018 7 Sample râpure, also known as “rappie pie”, a traditional Acadian dish served at local restaurants. While its texture may surprise you, its taste will delight you! The most popular flavours are chicken and clam râpure. The vast majority of Clare’s approximately 8,500 residents are descendants of Acadian families that settled along the shores of Saint Mary’s Bay after the Great Expulsion. This string of villages, “North America’s longest main street”, stretches from New Edinburgh to Beaver River, a distance of about 50 km. And don’t forget the inland villages nestled in beautiful forest! This means that you’ll have lots of great driving to enjoy during your visit to “The French Shore”! Take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenic seascapes, quaint wooden houses and the attractions along the way to your destination. For the perfect Acadian road trip soundtrack, tune in to community radio station CIFA at 104.1 FM. Visitors to the region are struck by the sheer numbers of Acadian flags and banners welcoming them to the largest Acadian community in Nova Scotia. Clare’s residents feel a genuine sense of pride towards this visible sign of their Acadian identity that combines the French tricolour with a yellow star that represents the Blessed Virgin of the Assumption, patron of the Acadians. Râpure / Rappie Pie. Photo : La Cuisine Robicheau The Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour is a self-guided itinerary of 31 heritage sites that personify the Acadian spirit in Southwestern Nova Scotia, of which 15 are in Clare. Pick up a map at a Visitor Information Centre, and take your time to explore museums, churches, wharves and other hidden gems. Appreciate the unique, earthy sounds of Acadian French, whose roots date Acadian Odyssey Monument commemorating the founding of Clare, located underneath a large Acadian flag in front of the Rendez-vous de la Baie Visitor Centre (see page 17). 3. Take a road trip and tune your dial to CIFA (104.FM)! 4. Count the Acadian flags! 5. Discover the Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour! 6. Savour Acadian râpure! ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏