Acadian Walking Tours

Take a guided walk and learn about the history of the early Acadians and unique ecology of Belliveau Cove.

From Joseph et Marie Dugas Municipal Park to Major’s Point Historical Site (with the first Acadian cemetery established around 1750 and a restored small chapel). Length: 5 km (3-mi). Duration: less than 2 hours. Guide is bilingual.

Starting July 29 - Guided Walking Tours

Starting August 12 - Traditional Acadian Meal Presentations (How to make a Rappie Pie)

Starting August 12 - Acadian language (Dialect) Presentations

You must book a tour or presentation in advance.

Phone: 902-540-7438
Dates: July to September, 2021
Admission: $20/adult, under 12 no charge (cash only)
Service available in English, Service offert en français
Address: 3255 Highway 1, Belliveau Cove, NS Canada